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Common Phrases in Mexico

Even if you are not going to learn one or another language, there are certain categories of spoken language words, which are important to know when traveling to a country where that language is spoken, or when communicating with a foreigner, or simply to expand our horizons. After all, it’s impossible to predict whether you may need any of them. And if you visit Mexico country once, learning a couple of Mexican words never hurts.


General Expressions

For travelers, Mexican words and expressions that can be used for communicating in everyday life will be important. You may not understand what was said to you in response to your greeting but it is always nice to see that a foreigner has found the strength and time trying to learn at least basic words of your native language.

Below is the list of expressions, without which it is almost impossible for a foreign tourist to do in ordinary life:

  • thank you — gracias; 
  • please — por favor; 
  • sorry — perdoneme;
  • I don’t understand — no comprendo;
  • Welcome to — bienvenido;
  • busy — ocupado; 
  • caution — cuidado.

It also will be useful to know some words in their written form: what is written on many extremely important signboards:

  • prohibido fumar — smoking is prohibited;
  • entrada — entrance;
  • salida — exit; 
  • pasaporte — ID;
  • abierto — open; 
  • cerrado — closed;
  • descuento — discount.


Famous Expressions

Perhaps some popular Mexican words, as well as famous Spanish expressions, will be interesting for beginning polyglots, as well as for those who seek an advanced level of language proficiency:

  • Amor apasionado — passionate love.
  • Ángel mío, estate conmigo, tú ve delante de mí y yo te seguiré — my angel, stay with me, you go ahead and I will follow you.
  • Aunque mira al otro lado, mi corazón sólo te creo ti — but even if I look the other way, my heart only sees you.
  • El ganador se lo lleva todo — the winner gets everything.


How and When to Use Them

If you have visited Mexico, knowing these words will help a lot. Indeed, it is difficult for any tourist to stay in a country without the opportunity to communicate with the indigenous inhabitants. Besides, you can remember these words and phrases for your self-development.

These phrases will also be interesting to those who are fond of Spanish culture, listen to Mexican songs and watch their TV shows. Well-spoken Mexican words can become your highlight, give a special exotic touch to your charisma and enhance your charm.

We hope, these Mexican words and expressions will help you not only in your planned trip but also, in general, will serve as a good base for learning the culture of this wonderful country!